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Emotions And Feelings: Forever Mood


You’re busy at work and although you’re distracted you just can’t swallow down that lump in your throat threatening to embarrass you at any second. Do these emotions often throw your mood off?

How about you’re in class concentrating and though you’ve been using all of your will-power, your mind has failed you and wandered into the altercation that occurred earlier causing you to fake a bathroom break. Because the rage is building at the recollection. We’ve all been there, some of us more than others.
Human emotions can be unpredictable at the best of times. But as my grandma used to say, better out than in.

As humans, we all have emotions in common. In fact, the most common emotion we feel are sadness, anger, joy, anticipation, fear, loneliness, jealously, disgust, surprise, trust, happiness (with an obvious preference towards the latter). When we understand our emotions and stop judging ourselves for having them, we stop pilling them on top of each other.  The natural, human expression is not embarrassing, it isn’t a weakness. It is a strength to be able to feel those emotions and to the name, the feelings with are having.

Emotions we cannot help, our mood however we do have an element of control over. What complicates this is that emotions and our environment can also have an impact on our moods. They intertwine. A simple example of this is that we can appear happy when we are not. If you’re anything like me if somebody has pissed you off instead of addressing the issue you push it way down, right into the very pit of your being, pop your everything is fine’ mask back on and resume autopilot. It’s much better than confrontation, right? Maybe at that moment, but indulging in these patterns of behaviors regularly is toxic to your mental health.

Do Not Suppress Negative Feelings

Suppressing negative feelings can never work in the long run and it’s usually when we do this that we end up having random outbursts at the most ridiculous of things and can potentially ruin our relationships with people. Statistically, masculine-presenting oppress their feelings more than others, from fear of the consequences of speaking out or appearing weak, this makes it difficult for them to communicate their emotions. It’s no coincidence then that the rate of suicide in masculine-presenting people is three times that of feminine presenting people. Communication is key, are we listening to ourselves. Asked yourself, how have you showed up for yourself during the week? We all need somebody we can confide in if we’ve had a day filled with negative feelings, low mood, and stressful emotions. Remember its just a day.

Developing Healthy Ways

Developing healthy ways to express any tensions is one of the best things we can do for our minds and bodies. Exercise not only helps relieve any negative emotions you may be holding onto but releases feel-good hormones; thus improving mood and relieving your stress response to those emotions. This doesn’t mean you have to spend hours at the gym if that’s not your thing, a walk in the park, yoga is an amazing low impact alternative, or have a ten-minute dance party in your living room and involve the family! Journaling can help, unloading any problems you’ve had onto that blank, uncritical piece of paper or screen. During this at the end of the day can take such a weight off and even help you sleep without triggering those emotions. 

If you want to cry, cry.
Let it out.

We are all only human, and it’s ok not to be ok.





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