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Emotional Spending: Unsubscribe

Let’s Talk About Emotional Spending

We’ve all been guilty of it. After a difficult day, we retreat to the couch with our laptops and relax by doing some “harmless” online window shopping. All of a sudden, we’ve bought something “we need to have.” Before we know it, we’ve spent a small fortune on items that will arrive on our doorsteps within days. Emotional spending!

The Problem

Of course, there is an initial rush and satisfaction when making a purchase. But the excitement soon fades when we receive our order.  Then it becomes anticlimactic. In order to cope with that, we start the process again! This phenomenon is known as emotional spending.
Emotional spending is very effective in helping us [negatively] deal with unpleasant emotions. For instance, if you are feeling depressed or disappointed, perhaps stressed out or under-pressure or even bored, online shopping can mask these feelings for a short while.

The Solution

So, how do you know if you are an emotional spender? How do you recognize the signs? How do you stop it?
Well, the first step is evaluating the situation. Ask yourself. “Am I buying online because I actually NEED something or simply because I need to ESCAPE from something?

It is much healthier to deal with the unpleasant emotions (that cause you to spend unnecessarily) than to ignore them.
When you notice those habits (ex. reaching for your computer to shop when you’ve had a rough day), try and substitute the action by taking a relaxing bubble bath or watching your favorite tv show instead.

It can also be helpful to unsubscribe from online store mailing lists. Another idea is removing your credit card details from online stores and keep your credit card in another room. This makes it more inconvenient for you to spend online.

Emotional spending can wreak havoc on you. It can have a devastating effect on your wallet as well as your mental health. So unsubscribe before it’s too late!


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